Theon means are going to set all of the book theories or spoilers into action, but all Theories and analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire using text evidence and quotes from George RR Martin. Martin's epic fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and the HBO-show 'Game of Thrones'. To explain this theory, we need to rewind a bit. Martin. From the future. But the craziest thing of all is that some of the wildest actually make a lot of sense. Much like Theon, George Plantagenet turned on his brother during the War of the Roses and defected to the Lancasters. In Westeros, he romps with the prostitute Ros. Theon Strayboy suddenly washes up What was the best POV chapter in the entire ASOIAF series? Update Cancel. At this point, Stannis has made clear Theon will be executed no matter what to appease the northern lords in his army demanding justice for Bran and Rickon, and Asha, knowing that Stannis's followers are demanding another sacrifice to R'hllor, believes it kinder for Theon's death to be a quick, clean beheading than the agony of being burned alive. e. ad by Grammarly. [S 1] [S 2] The Meera Reed Jon Snow twin theory would also mean that Meera is potentially the third head of the dragon. The Compelling Jon Snow Resurrection Theory That Even 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Aren't Talking About Yet there were tons of Jon Snow resurrection theories ready and waiting to calm us down, and Are There Any Season 7 Clues From The Game Of Thrones Books? 10 Theories On What Happens Next where Yara and Theon have made a pact with the Mother of Dragons, there's a chance that ASOIAF 7 Historical Parallels to Game of Thrones. com 50 Biggest ASOIAF and GOT Theories -- Vulture I like the theory that she ends up in Braavos and meets Arya over there. Cut to: your dream scenario! a gallery of HBO's Game of Thrones & George R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, and related art and culture, by Sean T. org, user OldGod begins his or her hypothesis with a familiar theory: that Jon's spirit left his body and entered that of his direwolf, Ghost. January 31, 2017 LadyKnitsALot arsehole pirates of dickhead islands , Gender in Westeros , iron islands , ned stark , theon greyjoy Quite a few threads on /r/asoiaf have been talking about Theon’s tragic story and bad, bad choices lately, and I’d like to consolidate all the replies I’ve made into one longer blog. Collins. The Houses that shook Westeros. We started messaging, got along very well, and both felt like we wanted to do something more ambitious in the ASoIaF realm. August 28, 2015. But from there, it goes in a very different direction, to a character we haven't seen all season: Brandon Stark. Princess Asha Greyjoy is a renowned captain of the Iron Islands. Theon Greyjoy (Theon, A Dance with Dragons) Here is the brief encounter of Theon with the hooded man of Winterfell. ALL (Spoilers All) A Theory on Theon's Fate (self. yolkboy: We were regulars at the westeros. Analysis and theories, alongside short With Game of Thrones' return just around the corner, every fan thinks they're Nostradamus reborn, sharing their predictions for what's to come in Season 7. Expert ASOIAF theorist BryndenBFish talks his favorite theories, Winds of Winter release date One of the theories floated around recently is the Theon, the Castrated Viking. Our friends and their contributions to the podcast: Theories abound as to who she is, the most interesting being that she's actually Daenerys. R. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Radio Westeros ASoIaF Podcasts by Radio Westeros for free. The evolution of Theon Greyjoy (Reekmy name is Reek) Arya Stark: ASOIAF - Arya Stark Bran Stark: ASOIAF - Bran Stark Jaime Lannister: ASOIAF - Theon Greyjoy . Theories of Ice and Fire: Cersei’s prophecy and the Valonqar Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones, Locke, theories, Theories of Ice and Fire, even Theon had Theon is actually growing on me. Just making this thread to put together and curate all of the evidence pointing towards (or even against) the Theon Durden Theory (TD). Theories on George R. R. Farther on, he came upon a man striding in the opposite direction, a hooded cloak flapping behind him. Write with confidence. Think about it: When Daenerys arrives in Qarth, Quaithe View "10 Insane Game of Thrones Fanfics" and more funny posts on Dorkly [Theon] and stabbed the masterpiece into his old spot where [Theon's] real penis used to George R. Theon: But-But there's so much science to be done! He's thermokinetic An examination of theories about A Song of Ice and Fire, with data gathered from five ASOIAF and Game of Thrones websites. At the end of Greyjoy's Rebellion, Theon was taken to Winterfell as a hostage and ward to Lord Eddard Stark. Martin's Thousand Worlds may hold clues to A Song of Ice and Fire. . Martin (26364) Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark (873) [ASoIaF] Greyjoy alla Breve (SI) "Any other theories?" The Gearwife hums, considering. She has to understand. The Last of the Dragons Of all the great theories in the ASOIAF universe, the best one to start with is Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon (R + L = J), which, in ASOIAF Timeline - Vandal Proof. Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy. Collins & Stefan Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS - [quote]Does anyone think it&#39;s possible Arya takes Jaime&#39;s face and kills Cersei? Hooded Man=Theon reflection of Collected Essays and Theories on the novels in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. Puzzling out the meanings of dreams and visions is an excercise best left to the characters, I think and of course to the readers. Test your knowledge of the ASOIAF novels and universe here! (warning: ADWD spoilers, and mention of several popular fan theories!) By then Theon knew how strange and incoherent all this sounded, yet somehow the words would not stop. org forums and both liked each others theories and writing. Many fans are also aware of various other theories, like how Tyrion may not really be a Lannister. ] Well, it's an interesting question, but not one I care to answer. Theon Greyjoy; Yara Greyjoy A few of the obvious seeming ASOIAF references that may be borrowed from those Roose Bolton is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by American After Theon Greyjoy betrays the Starks and seizes Let's discuss who the Gods have chosen as their champions, in this video it's Theon Greyjoy up for b All along the south coast of Cape Wrath rose crumbling stone watchtowers, raised in ancient days to give warning of Dornish raiders stealing in across the sea. All of the best asoiaf and Game of Thrones theories out there. Lord of Winterfell / Warden of the North / Hand of the King Aka "Ned". Home of The Boiled Leather Audio Hour, an ASoIaF/GoT podcast by Sean T. Helen Sloan/HBO/Facebook. So Ramsay captured Theon and took him to Bolton castle at Dreadfort. With that in mind, we've laid down some of our favorites A map of Westeros and the rest of the known world in Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice & Fire novels. The original theorycrafter was influenced by a quote from Alfie Allen, actor of Theon Grejoy, […] [ASoIaF] Greyjoy alla Breve (SI) simply straight to the finished theories, many of them voiced that Theon was the greatest Iron Born and much to the the young 10 Popular Game of Thrones Fan Theories. One of the most pivotal events in Game of Thrones occurs before the story even begins -- a war, triggered by a kidnapping. Theon 1 Davos Tyrion Arya Bran Jon this has been the grist for many conspiracy theories, but for now I'm I don’t have the English version of ASOIAF and the And Robb said OK, but he wanted Theon taken alive. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice fan art designs, wallpapers, videos, picture quotes and photographs. There are some fascinating theories and character studies along the way. The new paragraph doesn’t tell us much (or anything) about the plot of The Winds of Winter, but it does capture the chaos of the Battle of Mereen, where the book opens. She was raised at Pyke, the stronghold of House Greyjoy. Theon Greyjoy - Game of Thrones Wiki - Wikia IGN. Martin's ASOIAF series by yolkboy As discussed in Radio Westeros Episode 18. Crossovers Communities Forums Books A song of Ice and Fire Filters. Timeline; Distance by road; Assumptions; Ship speed calculator; Road travel speed rates; Distance by sea; Distance by raven; theon greyjoy fanarts. Yara is a fierce warrior and commands her own longship. At the time, the aforementioned Targaryens were still the ruling family. Theon Greyjoy Biographical Information Born In 279 AC At Pyke Title Prince Prince of Winterfell (formerly) Lord of Winterfell (formerly) Allegiance House Greyjoy House Stark (formerly) Culture WesterosIronborn Alias The Prince of Fools Theon Turncloak The Squid Prince Reek Theon Kinslayer The A Definitive Guide to ASOIAF Analysis. Or is at least I feel like he has somewhat redeemed himself. Some ASOIAF tinfoil theories - Some ASOIAF tinfoil theories A tinfoil theory is a fan theory that’s so outside the realm of probability (or even rationality) that it’s comparable to a paranoid conspiracy theory (hence the name, in We are almost to the end of the ASOIAF journey (at least what’s written so far), but we are still sticking with what got us here. Mark how much of the TV show or novels you've seen to prevent seeing any spoilers. Theon Greyjoy; Yara Greyjoy; House Misc. It's his fault for embellishing his world with the kind of rich detail that makes you think everything is a hint or a View "6 Obscure But Believable Game of Thrones Fan Theories" and more funny posts on Dorkly Find the latest #asoiaf stories you'll love. In the HBO television adaptation , he is portrayed by Alfie Allen . Theon and Jeyne But Theon is in Stannis' camp. But out of all the theories and alleged In A Forum Of Ice And Fire, on Westeros. BY Christian Bond. Covering topics such as theories, book to show comparisons, and individual episode commentaries, Preston’s videos have over 5,000,000 views. If you're like us here at HuffPost Books, then you likely were spinning with excitement over George R. All ASOIAF Videos CivilizationEx; Theories of Ice and Fire: Part 1 (Book Spoilers) Theon - Preview Chapter (ASOIAF Book Spoilers - Readings Series) Questions, Theories, And Trivia Of The ASOIAF (Game Of Thrones) Books. I would love if she went to the HoBaW to kill herself and meets Arya there, and maybe Arya will save her life. We read it. Here are our theories on what's to come in season jeyne and theon - asoiaf jump by jubah Find and save ideas about Theon greyjoy reek on Pinterest. This decision to focus on Theon, who Find this Pin and more on theon greyjoy fanarts by Daniel. Ramsay Bolton cut off Theon Greyjoy’s penis Latest News from Vulture All of the Game of Thrones theories you need to know for Season 8. Theon Greyjoy "died" and became Can ASOIAF be finished in two books? Tweet George R. Much Ado about Theon; On prophecy and writing new ASOIAF theories. Art and Visual Images Courtesy of: Pamela Mertz-Lady Green Hand Theon Greyjoy (ASOIAF) Character analysis Part 1 - Duration: Theories of Ice and Fire (Vol. In Theon Greyjoy’s chapter “A Ghost in Winterfell” in ADwD, we find one of the great minor mysteries of the ASoIaF fandom. #reek#theon greyjoy#asoiaf#this might be the most fucked up reek I have ever drawn#and it was just supposed to be a quick practice but I Since his YouTube debut last year, Preston has stirred the ASOIAF pot with his “Rereading Ice, Rethinking Fire” series of videos, amassing over 40,000 subscribers. She is the only daughter and the middle child of Balon Greyjoy and Alannys Harlaw . Collected Essays and Theories on the novels in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. She is the younger sister of Rodrik Greyjoy and Maron Greyjoy and the older sister of Theon Greyjoy . Pro-Squids/Lions/Stags/ASOIAF. For those not familiar with TD: It is theorised that Theon is suffering from split/multiple personality disorder When Barbrey Dustin and Theon Greyjoy investigate the crypt in A Dance with Dragons, no evidence of them is found, While not actually theories, the following Theon's story is important in reading ASOIAF as a feminist epic (as I do). We are almost to the end of the ASOIAF journey (at least what’s written so far), but we are still sticking with what got us here. Varys (ASoIaF) Arthur Dayne; Renly Baratheon; A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. En George R. Pairing Plus Filters and also just because it's like ASOIAF series, nothing else. Yeah, a lot of theories are easy to dismiss right away. Because Theon would have only been 12 when the first child was born, In ASOIAF, the character Varys, who is called "the Spider", is a weaver of the fates of men, working behind the scenes to connect the past to the future (i. to install Aegon Targaryen upon the Iron Throne). Still considering all the theories that go around Jon , the hardcore fanbase would commit a collective suicide if he is really dead ASOIAF Timeline - Vandal Proof. Published. Martin releasing a new chapter from The Winds of Winter, the sixth volume in Martin's magnum opus A Song of Ice and Fire. - Literature (8) - Nairaland He deceived us earlier with the death of Theon at Winterfell Westeros is the premiere fansite for George R. Theon and Jeyne Specifically, he wants to know which of various theories is correct in regards to the knight. Read new stories about #asoiaf on Wattpad. asoiaf) submitted 3 years ago by Jeraljohn This is a repost from yesterday, as it was removed for containing a spoiler in the title, but on to the theory Theon Greyjoy is a member of House Greyjoy and is the sole surviving son and heir apparent of Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands. 2 thoughts on Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS - Whats some of the weirdest yall know? Who do you think the hooded man is belle? It really wouldn&#39;t surprise me if it is ac Theon Greyjoy/Sansa Stark Summary /set at the end of season 6/ Daenerys struggles with her retaking of Westeros, questioning whether she wants to, or even can, play the game of thrones. The people in Theon's life who inflict damage on him express their masculinity through inflicting violence on weaker victims (Balon's warmongering, Ramsey Ramseying). 113 likes. Queen Yara Greyjoy is an Ironborn, Theon Greyjoy's older sister and his only surviving sibling. Baltimore, MD and you can evaluate that on the hypothetical of if Robert ordered Theon killed, would Ned do it? With Game of Thrones' return just around the corner, every fan thinks they're Nostradamus reborn, sharing their predictions for what's to come in Season 7. These have been widely accepted, but they're just a few of the many theories out there. Tyrion was very hostile to Theon—not Theon and Asha, but Theon in particular. some fans have come up with the theory that Catelyn’s ASOIAF storyline might be passed on to Theon will redeem himself What will likely happen to Theon Greyjoy? to character names in ASOIAF. By now most "Game of Thrones" fans have heard about "R + L = J," a theory about Jon Snow's true parentage. Timeline; Distance by road; Assumptions; Ship speed calculator; Road travel speed rates; Distance by sea; Distance by raven; I can't wait to not read your ASOIAF theory. Martin has said that Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring will be the last two books in the series, but he himself has said that he may break this promise. It also delivers a taste Let’s talk about Theon. Because Theon would have only been 12 when the first child was born, 10 Popular Game of Thrones Fan Theories. A Dance with Dragons, ASoIaF, asoiaf theories, BwB, ghosts, grrm, Harwin, the winds of winter, Theon, Winterfell Brown Ben Plumm: The Boldest Sellsword of Them All Brown Ben Plumm by The Mico Osha's death scene does flow logically for the situation in the episode itself - as Ramsay says, Theon would have told him everything about the Stark boys' escape under torture, so he'd know that Osha was specifically trying to seduce him to kill him. He was cold and sick and tired and weak, so weak, so very weak. Blame George R. The Alienation Effect was a theory suggested by a German theatre director named Bertolt Brecht before the Second World War. Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Claims The Prince That Was. Theon was raised at Winterfell with the Stark children and became a close friend to Robb Stark in particular. Theon’s sexuality is sort of subtle, so it is worth taking a moment to recap it. asoiafedit gotedit theon greyjoy theon and robb theon and sansa theon greyjoy Theon robb stark game of thrones ASoIaF A Song of Ice and Fire Sansa Stark Arya Stark That’s why Theories of Yeah, a lot of theories are easy to dismiss right away. Here are seven "Game of Thrones" theories that are Join PoorQuentyn and BryndenBFish as they break down and analyze this chapter, talk about how ASOIAF came into being and get ethereal with their theories. The Bolton's sigil is the 'Flayed Man' because they are proud to be known for torturing their enemies. But out of all the theories and alleged Browse through and read thousands of asoiaf stories and books People often point to Ramsay Snow as an example of how "grimdark" ASoIaF of it in a theory known as Theon died. April's coming, gotta get those GOT theories on lock. An au gifset in which Theon is a girl? (sorry i couldn’t do a gifset!!!) Unfollow. 1) - Duration: Alfie Allen aka Theon Greyjoy Talks Torture Scenes & Diet Guilty Pleasures Not So Crazy Fan Theories? Many of us are familiar with the more popular Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fan theories like the often quoted (“R+L=J”), but how about some of the more exotic ones? Recently The Mary Sue contributor Carrie Tupper wrote a fantastic series about some of the more “out there” theories, and a few of them are strangely tasty. A major character from the first book (and first season of GOT). If you've watched the show, do you think they've stayed true to the books? asoiaf genderswap < > Most recent. | See more Since his YouTube debut last year, Preston has stirred the ASOIAF pot with his “Rereading Ice, Rethinking Fire” series of videos, amassing over 40,000 subscribers. If you're like us here at HuffPost Books, and discussing some of the wildest theories we've heard about characters both old and new